Welcome Cosmo-Girls!
25. April 2012 14:00
Welcome Cosmo!

As you all know goSupermodel Cosmo was closed down yesterday. That's very sad, but maybe some Cosmo users will join our community? In case they would like to stay on the German site, we want to inform them about the rules we expect them to follow.

This news post is in English because we want them to understand the rules without any confusion.  It's an exception and we will not be creating content in English on the German site any more.

We hope you will help us to make Cosmo users feel welcome in our community.






Heads up, Cosmo-Girls!

We're happy that you've chosen to stay with us. We hope you will have great time on the German goSupermodel. Using a site in a foreign language can be a bit confusing - that's why we'd like to clarify the rules for those of you who don't speak German.

We hope you understand that first and foremost we are a German community. That's why speaking English (or any other language, for that matter) on any other public forum is against our rules.

We bet you remember how annoying it was when girls from other servers attacked Cosmo and wrote in a language you couldn't understand. Even though English is a global language, not everyone here understands it.

The rules

Please respect our community's rules by writing in German in all forums and creating all text-based content (magazines, goTests, and so on) in German. We're sure you're familiar with the general goSupermodel rules, but it's probably a good idea to refresh your memory.

Read our rules



We have created a club for you where it's okay to speak English. Remember that this only applies to the club! Everywhere else you should write in German.


To our Cosmo-Club

We like you!

If you need help and can't find the answer in the help section, you can write to the German moderators who are also responsible for the Cosmo-Club. You can also contact our support.

There is still a bunch of activities that you can be a part of, even if you don't speak German. We admire Cosmo girls' talent and we hope you can share it with our community when it comes to:

picture competitions
design competitions
Top 10 Designs
Top 10 Décors
JD competitions

... and so on!

By respecting the rules, you're helping us, the goSupermodel team, to create a safe and friendly environment for everybody.

Have fun,